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Colored Gem Meditation

Don't underestimate the power of light and nature's gemstones. When we use our mind to create a feeling, that thought form buries itself into our cells. Energy follows thought.

Below is a Colored Gem meditation that combines light, color, and feeling into the specific organ that controls that mental process.

Pay attention to the feeling in the words. Use your imagination to brighten and solidy these organs into GEMS! Have fun and enjoy. 


Healing properties of colored light and corresponding elements 


Red "ruby"- Heart - Blissful

Inhale: joy, compassion, bliss

exhale: attachments and cravings


Yellow “topaz”- Spleen -Solidity and Strength

Inhale - Trust, Faith, Creativity, Inspiration

exhale - obsessive thoughts, anxiety, worry


White "pearl" - Lungs - Harmonizing

Inhale - Precious life

Exhale - sadness, guilt, grief


Blue “Sapphire"- Kidneys - Nourishing, Cool

Inhale - Strong will, Courage, Perseverance

exhale - fear, insecurities


Green "emerald" - Liver - Moving forward

Inhale- forgiveness, comfort in your path

exhale- resentment, anger, hatred



At the end of the meditation, imagine all your organs as these specific colors and gems. Each containing the positive properties. Sit here as long as you like.