B Well mattress from Design Within Reach

Bwell_mattressIf I start saving now, I could get an organic mattress in my next lifetime.  Or I could invest in my sleep and save for when my pillowtop mattress's lifetime is up in five years.  These are expensive but I think well worth it.  Actually these "designer" versions from Design Within Reach are pretty comparable to other organic mattresses.  Once you've experienced sleep deprivation it becomes very clear just how important a good night's sleep is to our well being.  Synthetic materials and chemical processing is on the way out as we become more aware of our environment at all levels.


B All that you can Be. Saturday sitting session

Realizing our potential is the focus of this Saturday's sitting practice at B Holistic.  The intention behind this subject is to leave us all with tools that help us trust the significance of every moment.  This aspect of being in the present is one of the greatest benefits of a meditation practice.  Join us for an informal discussion and sitting session this Saturday.

When:  Saturday May 10th   
Where: B Holistic  4705 S. Gilbert Ave.
Time: 12:30-1:30
Cost: $5


B Imaginative and keep your sanity

One of the most interesting aspects of parenting is the process.  As the kids grow up, the process changes!  There is also more self-evaluation than I sometimes care to practice.  Having kids has brought out some traits that I didn't know existed.  But my propensity to frustration is not what this entry is about. 

Charlie and I strategically planned an addition to the family so Victor would be mature enough to adjust.  In the beginning, he was barely showing any signs of jealousy or regression.  However, after about four months he started acting out, sassing (me and his teachers), and exploding with more fits of anger, I knew something had to change.   I had to ask myself, What was I doing or not doing that is contributing to this change in behavior?  As much as I wanted to blame him for the behavior I knew it was more about me and what I needed to do as a parent. 

Finally, after a few prayers, it occurred to me I needed to play more!  Fifteen minutes here and there wasn't working anymore.  He'd always been able to play well by himself.  But as Victor gets older he's getting more and more creative; thriving on pretending and imaginative play.  I had to devote the morning (dishes, laundry, email aside) to play.  He is a superhero devotee and although sometimes challenging I often play the hero's caretaker like "Aunt May" or "Alfred".  Below is a duck taped box equipped with a door and tinfoil cupcake cups on the inside that act as a computer where Alfred notices Problems in Gotham. 


When I was growing up, my cousin and I loved to play restaurant, school, and wallpaper store.  I just assumed that pretend play was a given, but apparently there are crusaders out there trying to revive this old school idea.  Recently, at a seminar, a Chinese medicine scholar noted that kids were "over-stimulated" these days between TV, video games, computer games, and in my opinion toys with voices, and contributed to the overwhelming increase in behavioral and developmental issues. 

For me, making this adjustment in my parenting style allowed for a lot less guilt and deeper understanding of my child's needs.  Using our imagination and playing for a small part of our day helps us to be in the moment, a natural gift of childhood. 



B Gone Phlegm! Acupressure for babies

There's nothing like a trip to the hospital because of respiratory distress to inspire a little acupressure treatment on my kids.  I took Harriet to the hospital last Sunday morning because her breathing was labored.  After several tests, RSV, influenza, and Pneumonia were ruled out.  One Albuterol treatment relieved the distress and we were on our way home.  She was fine, thank goodness.  All last week her breathing was normal but I could hear phlegm rattling around.  This is where the acupressure comes in.  Phlegm congestion is probably the #1 reason behind most ear infections, and I like to think that my treatments can help prevent them.  It's been one week since this episode and so far we've avoided a worsening condition

Here's what I do...

  • I always steam pears for congestion, their great for phlegm in the chest.  Bosc pears (brown peal) are usually best, but any will do.  Of course, I try and refrain from any dairy products with phlegm conditions.


  • I press on this area of the chest.  This is the first point on the Lung meridian and is good for tonifying the Lung Qi.  This one always gets a laugh.  The trick for any of these techniques is duration.  Pressing these points for 5 seconds doesn't cut it.  I usually count to 100.


  • I roll the skin on the back of the spine.  On both sides of the spine there are points that represent all major organs.  This technique helps to strengthen them.  This is great for development in children.


  • This is a classic point for phlegm.  It's located in the middle of the leg on the lateral side of the calf.  Don't worry about the exact location.  Children's points are not clearly defined yet, rubbing the general area will reap the benefits.


  •  Of course, there are almost always a few tears shed.  Oh well, this doesn't hurt.  This point is located in the middle of the chest between the nipples.  This point is called "sea of Qi", whenever there are breathing issues this point is used to open the airways.


So that's basically it.  Other at-home tips include steam in the bathroom, humidifiers, and elevation when sleeping.


yin/yang theory (1 of 4)

Yin and Yang are simply labels that the Eastern culture use to represent how everything in the universe relates to one another.  They represent a way of thought and a state of being.  The yin/yang symbol is used to describe an incredibly complex natural world.  There are FIVE principles of yin and yang. Read the following principles and refer to the symbol for a visual interpretation.  (The black is yin, the white is yang)

  • Everything has a yin and a yang can't have one without the other

    • Examples of yin are shade, night, water, cold, inwardness, introverted, deep, darkness, passive, rest, female, inactivity, completion
    • Examples of yang include, sunny, day, fire, heat, outwardness, extroverted, shallow, lightness, aggressive, awake, male, active, beginning

Behind this concept is the essence of holistic theory;  yin and yang are parts of the whole, they can not nor can any thing exist by itself.