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The KonMari Method is Magical!


A home is a living thing. How it feels creates the same energy in your life. There's a process to creating space that reflects your life. You can start with yourself or start in your home to create change in your life. Just start somewhere.

This Summer, I read Marie Kondo's, Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This book takes decluttering to a new level. I'll never look back. 

Marie definitely delivered on her promise, because I experienced transformation after applying the KonMari method. A new opportunity I wasn't expecting revealed itself magically, folding has become FUN- this is HUGE, and stacking vertically has allowed me to finally begin a project I've been contemplating for YEARS.

Magic, like miracles, is a subtle shift that causes change. Often times a simple mindset shift can create a change in perspective. Clearing clutter in your living space creates space. Our home is a reflection of who we are, by creating space, we open our minds and hearts too. What takes up the space in your home is now only the things that "spark joy". 

The essential aspect of the KonMari method of discarding is the self refelction exercise you MUST do before you begin to clear. Ask yourself - how you want to feel in your home and why. Keep exploring the why until you have a solid intention for yourself and the space your creating. 

So far, I've only tapped into my closet, kid's rooms, and a "toy" closet that is now a place for backpacks and school items. Next up, will be my kitchen, and bathroom- certainly harder for me. For now, here's how the magic has made it's way into my life.


Start with Clothing

Her method insists on starting with clothing first. All clothing must be on the floor, including anything that's in storage. In every case, she throws it all on the floor. This act alone sets the tone for purge. 

The mantra that runs through my head is CLEAR QUICKLY and COMPLETELY. Typically, I get exhausted and want to nap on my clothing pile. This time, I was energised and moved fast. Even setting a timer work faster.

Lettin go, is an important part, but the magic lies in keeping only the things that spark joy.

This allowed my closet to breathe again. Streamlining my wardrobe allowed me to fully see what I have, makes laundry easier to maintain, and opens up space for something new. But that's not really the magical bit. 

I've been looking for something to earn extra money. A side job or something that wouldn't take me away from my practice. The last thing I was expecting was something in the direct sales arena, but it became clear that this was a perfectly viable option where I could earn income and control the schedule. 

Things that are meant to be should be sort of cosmic, and this feels this way to me. 

One thing I never touch when I work on my closet, seasonally, is the jewelry. I've found it too challenging, to part with tanything. However this time, there was no problem. Determining the joy factor was a no brainer. Opening the space for better, more age appropriate pieces, that spark joy and give me a lift, is new and magical.


The Magic for Kids

When I completed my closet, I pursued my kid's room. They got involoved in the process and had no problem with yay or nay. We streamlined their warddrobes, realizing they only needed a few back to school pieces. Sweet!

After clothes, we followed up with books, then toys. We created new workspace and removed a bookshelf (a clutter collector) in my daughters room. This shelf became my shoe shelf!! Love it when that happens.


The Art of Folding 

Probably the most signifgant gain from this book was the new folding method. It reall IS magic when a dreaded chore becomes a source of peace and pleasure. Who knew folding could be fun. Many of you napkin folders knew. But, the follow through with laundry was not a strong suit for me. 

Here's a great illustration (and blog post) on folding and closet organizing from Just a Girl and Her Blog.

Now, my socks and underwear are folded! I'll show you my socks.


The BEST part is that you can really see exactly what you have! 

It was magic for me when I finally, FINALLY, realised what I want to do with these gorgeous scraps of fabric. Talk about something that creates joy. I love the color and textures of these scraps. I've been contemplating for several years about what to do with them that will fulfill their scrap potential. Now I've got it! Thank you Marie Kondo.

Thank you, for showing me a better way to clear, organize, and store my belongings so they look fresh and lovely.

My favorite part is how Marie speaks about things as if they have a soul. I believe things store our energy. You can meditate on something by holding it, and receive information. 

So, even if you love the sentimental aspect of something, but it doesn't spark joy, it's ok to let go with a grateful heart. Be thankful for what that piece had to offer you. Let it go to a new home. Feeling this way makes letting go easier.

When we let go of things that don't spark joy, we're only left with things we really love. Whether or not it sparks joy, is the only requirement for keeping something. Hold it, decide quickly if it sparks joy. If it does- great! If not, get rid of it- lovingly.

This process is a meditative one as she describles. This part of the process, in my opinion is the piece that creates healing or change. It's not just the end result but the process of clearing, then sorting, and organizing that creates transformation.

Have you applied the KonMari method in your home? Has it created any changes- big or small? I'd love to about it!

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