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B Clear after a 7 day cleanse

I'm done with the cleanse and am feeling fabulous!  What's amazing to me is the realization that I've been walking around for months not realizing I wasn't feeling my best.  I think so many of us simply get used to feeling crummy, that we accept it as the normal.

A detox program can really help set our own reset button.  This program has allowed me to see what I need to live a more vital life.  For starters, I need more fruits and vegetables at every meal and in between.  I also need to take more time for reflection and meditation.  

I've been asking my spirit guides for more clarity, and shortly afterwards I started this cleanse.  It's not an easy process, and it's hard to make time for it.  This is not something you can do with a packed social or heavy work schedule. Time opened up and I knew it would be the right time for me to focus on myself.  I also signed up for a continuing education seminar on the therapeutic uses of essential oils that would take place over the entire weekend. Closing the fast with a learning experience seemed like the right thing to do.    

Here's how the week played out.  I continued to drink the juices.  Making my own recipes with what I had on hand, and following the recipes from this site.  I LOVED juicing a little piece of ginger, celery, pear, spinach, and cucumber. It was probably my favorite of the bunch.  But, the cashew milk was surprisingly difficult to get down. I wouldn't recommend it.


For 2.5 days I had a caffeine withdrawal headache.  This didn't surprise me and didn't really bother me so much. I know there are things you can do to make this easier, but I chose to suffer through it.  My joints and especially my back and spine were achy and tight. Walking and stretching, twisting in particular, were necessary to loosen up stiff joints.  This walk by my favorite local nature spot was particularly helpful in this healing phase. The winding path,  the flowing river, and the birdsongs were particularly meaningful and symbolic to me.

The cleansing process is a process that wrings out the baggage stored in our bodies. There's a healing reaction that takes place during this time. Basically, you feel worse before you feel better.  If there's an imbalance in your health than that thing will be exaggerated, whether it's headaches, low-energy, sinus congestion etc..  For me, it's fatigue, low-energy, and mood swings.  It came as no surprise to me that I needed to have short naps several times during the day.  I was also irritable, and had a strong need for silence and space. I felt calm and somewhat content knowing that I was undergoing this healing reaction. 

The Toxins Must Exit...

They exit through the skin, bowels, and really any way they can.  My skin was rutty and blotchy for a few days, but has become smooth and clear.  My eyes feel brighter.  Your likely to have bad breath and a white tongue coating during a cleanse. I looked in the mirror and was SHOCKED by my tongue coat.  I've never seen my tongue with this thick of coat before and began scraping as suggested.  I wanted to gag, it was disgusting. My family attested to the halitosis as well! 

The toxins will also remove themselves through the bowels.  But when your juicing there's really nothing to push the excrement down.  The left over fibre material shows us why we need to eat the produce more than we need to juice on a regular basis. Hence, many fasting programs recommend enemas.

I did the enema, but realized at the end of the cleanse that the disposable enemas at the pharmacy are not the best for this cause. The problem with this type is there isn't enough fluids or water to flush through the entire colon for an actual cleanse. That's probably the main difference between the enema and the colonic.  A colonic will flush through 25-50 gallons of water through the entire large intestines!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one, even though many people think it's unnatural to have fluids moving in a upward direction when nature wants things to move down.  

My opinion is that the digestive organs are at the center of our health.  If there's something off with our health, we must look here first. In the case of serious or chronic illness, I think someone could greatly benefit from colonics or enemas.  But, it needs to be done correctly and by a skilled practitioner.  

The hard work is over.  Now what?

I'm feeling so good and am excited about taking extra efforts to sustain this feeling.  I'm looking forward to my CSA veggies this summer.  Susan and I are sharing a box, so I'm looking forward to finding recipes and experimenting with new dishes.  I've also decided to take a hiatus from my beloved coffee.  Coffee has been a staple in my diet from a young age.  I'm not saying I'll never go back, or visit my friend again, but for the moment I'm testing these waters.  

Mostly, I'm bewildered that I've been asking the Universe for some clarity.  Things are changing in my life. These transitions can be exciting, but can also be very challenging - mentally and emotionally.  (I'll share more about this in the coming months.  I know we all go through phases and it helps to know we're not alone.) Right now, I still don't have all the answers, but I feel I've been given some information that will help me get closer to them.  


Through this process alone,  I feel more clear.  I don't feel panicked, instead I'm patient and accepting.  I'm enjoying some new energy and love how good I'm feeling.

I'm enjoying this book right now, that's giving me some meditative exercises to further my quest for discovering my destiny.

My weekend class on the therapeutic use of essential oils has also helped to inspire me and help me through a little burn-out phase.  I'm excited about being creative with the oils and using them in my practice.  In this class, I also met a new friend and connected with an old friend that made the whole thing extra worthwhile.

It's bewildering to me that when we ask for something, it can come.  Maybe not addressed in an envelope, but through a process that unfolds over time.  When we're clear, we can be conscious of this process unfolding.  It's here we can find joy and peace that comes from knowing this is exactly where I need to be at this moment in time.  In due time the path will become clear.







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Great artcle bridget! I have been doing an herbal cleanse but am mildly fasting (stiil drinking coffee and occasional wine)...but think i probably need to take it a step furthr with juicing. Nice food fot thought!

April 26, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjennifer angone

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