The philosophy of B Holistic is to embrace physical, mental, and spiritual challenges; to not only look beyond symptoms, but to pursue deeper levels within ourselves so we’re aligned with Universal force and continue on our intended path. 

Our mission is to create everday health using ancient healing arts for today.

B Holistic offers a comprehensive approach to treating the mind, body, and spirit with acupuncture, meditation, and feng Shui to empower self-healing, connection to one's higher self, and transformation.


Acupuncture creates capacity for self-healing by tapping into vital life force energy, or Qi, to assist in acute and chonic health concerns. This modality is effective for stress managment and thus offers preventative care for long term health maintanance.  


Meditation is part of the comprehensive plan for everyday health. Bridget offers meditation instruction to individuals and groups. She teaches how to customize meditation to manage stress, resolve anguish, and become more mindful in the present to get the most out of life! Everyday. 


Feng Shui recognizes your enviornment as a direct reflection of your life. By creating beautiful space at home, and enhancing the natural elements, you create balance in your space that will provide peace of mind and help transform your life.


Good health is not only about being fit and free of disease. It's about taking an active role in your own existence, accepting oneself, and learning to love the process of life. By honoring ourselves and making time to reflect we can learn from the past, relationships, and rise to face challenges whatever they may be.


Everyday healing is taking the opportunity each day to honor your whole self.