The KonMari Method is Magical!


A home is a living thing. How it feels creates the same energy in your life. There's a process to creating space that reflects your life. You can start with yourself or start in your home to create change in your life. Just start somewhere.

This Summer, I read Marie Kondo's, Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This book takes decluttering to a new level. I'll never look back. 

Marie definitely delivered on her promise, because I experienced transformation after applying the KonMari method. A new opportunity I wasn't expecting revealed itself magically, folding has become FUN- this is HUGE, and stacking vertically has allowed me to finally begin a project I've been contemplating for YEARS.

Magic, like miracles, is a subtle shift that causes change. Often times a simple mindset shift can create a change in perspective. Clearing clutter in your living space creates space. Our home is a reflection of who we are, by creating space, we open our minds and hearts too. What takes up the space in your home is now only the things that "spark joy". 

The essential aspect of the KonMari method of discarding is the self refelction exercise you MUST do before you begin to clear. Ask yourself - how you want to feel in your home and why. Keep exploring the why until you have a solid intention for yourself and the space your creating. 

So far, I've only tapped into my closet, kid's rooms, and a "toy" closet that is now a place for backpacks and school items. Next up, will be my kitchen, and bathroom- certainly harder for me. For now, here's how the magic has made it's way into my life.


Start with Clothing

Her method insists on starting with clothing first. All clothing must be on the floor, including anything that's in storage. In every case, she throws it all on the floor. This act alone sets the tone for purge. 

The mantra that runs through my head is CLEAR QUICKLY and COMPLETELY. Typically, I get exhausted and want to nap on my clothing pile. This time, I was energised and moved fast. Even setting a timer work faster.

Lettin go, is an important part, but the magic lies in keeping only the things that spark joy.

This allowed my closet to breathe again. Streamlining my wardrobe allowed me to fully see what I have, makes laundry easier to maintain, and opens up space for something new. But that's not really the magical bit. 

I've been looking for something to earn extra money. A side job or something that wouldn't take me away from my practice. The last thing I was expecting was something in the direct sales arena, but it became clear that this was a perfectly viable option where I could earn income and control the schedule. 

Things that are meant to be should be sort of cosmic, and this feels this way to me. 

One thing I never touch when I work on my closet, seasonally, is the jewelry. I've found it too challenging, to part with tanything. However this time, there was no problem. Determining the joy factor was a no brainer. Opening the space for better, more age appropriate pieces, that spark joy and give me a lift, is new and magical.


The Magic for Kids

When I completed my closet, I pursued my kid's room. They got involoved in the process and had no problem with yay or nay. We streamlined their warddrobes, realizing they only needed a few back to school pieces. Sweet!

After clothes, we followed up with books, then toys. We created new workspace and removed a bookshelf (a clutter collector) in my daughters room. This shelf became my shoe shelf!! Love it when that happens.


The Art of Folding 

Probably the most signifgant gain from this book was the new folding method. It reall IS magic when a dreaded chore becomes a source of peace and pleasure. Who knew folding could be fun. Many of you napkin folders knew. But, the follow through with laundry was not a strong suit for me. 

Here's a great illustration (and blog post) on folding and closet organizing from Just a Girl and Her Blog.

Now, my socks and underwear are folded! I'll show you my socks.


The BEST part is that you can really see exactly what you have! 

It was magic for me when I finally, FINALLY, realised what I want to do with these gorgeous scraps of fabric. Talk about something that creates joy. I love the color and textures of these scraps. I've been contemplating for several years about what to do with them that will fulfill their scrap potential. Now I've got it! Thank you Marie Kondo.

Thank you, for showing me a better way to clear, organize, and store my belongings so they look fresh and lovely.

My favorite part is how Marie speaks about things as if they have a soul. I believe things store our energy. You can meditate on something by holding it, and receive information. 

So, even if you love the sentimental aspect of something, but it doesn't spark joy, it's ok to let go with a grateful heart. Be thankful for what that piece had to offer you. Let it go to a new home. Feeling this way makes letting go easier.

When we let go of things that don't spark joy, we're only left with things we really love. Whether or not it sparks joy, is the only requirement for keeping something. Hold it, decide quickly if it sparks joy. If it does- great! If not, get rid of it- lovingly.

This process is a meditative one as she describles. This part of the process, in my opinion is the piece that creates healing or change. It's not just the end result but the process of clearing, then sorting, and organizing that creates transformation.

Have you applied the KonMari method in your home? Has it created any changes- big or small? I'd love to about it!


Colored Gem Meditation

Don't underestimate the power of light and nature's gemstones. When we use our mind to create a feeling, that thought form buries itself into our cells. Energy follows thought.

Below is a Colored Gem meditation that combines light, color, and feeling into the specific organ that controls that mental process.

Pay attention to the feeling in the words. Use your imagination to brighten and solidy these organs into GEMS! Have fun and enjoy. 


Healing properties of colored light and corresponding elements 


Red "ruby"- Heart - Blissful

Inhale: joy, compassion, bliss

exhale: attachments and cravings


Yellow “topaz”- Spleen -Solidity and Strength

Inhale - Trust, Faith, Creativity, Inspiration

exhale - obsessive thoughts, anxiety, worry


White "pearl" - Lungs - Harmonizing

Inhale - Precious life

Exhale - sadness, guilt, grief


Blue “Sapphire"- Kidneys - Nourishing, Cool

Inhale - Strong will, Courage, Perseverance

exhale - fear, insecurities


Green "emerald" - Liver - Moving forward

Inhale- forgiveness, comfort in your path

exhale- resentment, anger, hatred



At the end of the meditation, imagine all your organs as these specific colors and gems. Each containing the positive properties. Sit here as long as you like.


A lesson from the Tao Te Ching: Everything you need is within you.

We can learn a lot from ancient wisdom. Human beings thousands of years ago were asking the same questions we ask today.

Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of this life? There must be something bigger here! 

They were just like us with a beating heart, and curious mind. 

I keep a copy of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching by my bedisde table. Here's a verse that has resonated with me lately.


This verse reminds us to look within ourselves for spiritual guidance and knowing. We have everything we need within us already. We are spiritual beings living a physical existence. Although this verse is referring to a greater spiritual knowing, I think it can apply to our everyday stress management as well.

Too often we look outside ourselves to provide a sense of comfort and peace. We rely on material items to define us. We find ourselves in an "I'll be happy when..." state of mind, missing the happiness in the moment. We look to substances and even food to provide comfort. The obesity and heroin epidemics in this country demonstrate this outward search for comfort to the extreme.

I've learned to become aware of my own signs of looking outward. I have a weakness for afternoon ice tea/coffee and oatmeal cookies. I catch myself frustrated with not being able to replace my living room rug or my bathroom at this time. When my desires cause suffering I take some time to focus on what I have, what I've accomplished. I make an honest effort to ease up on myself and feel gratitude for all the gifts and blessings I have in my life. 

It's human to desire and want things for ourselves. I don't know if I can give up cookies, but I can be honest with myself and take the time to go within. The last line in the verse is the most important to me; "He sees without looking; He works without doing."

This line helps me accept and appreciate the way things are. To trust in the flow, the tao, for divine timing and assistance. Most of my stress is what I create for myself by desire and striving. Can you relate?

Strive less. Trust more. That's my mantra (this week). 

Does this verse resonate with you? Do you have a source of writing that inspires you? I'd love to know what it is.  


Spirit Connection is within our limits. Here's how it began for me...

At B Holistic, I combine intuitive energy work with the ancient practice of acupuncture. Acupuncture lends itself to this practice because it can be a deeply relaxing, meditative experience. The Qi is flowing and the pathways are open and receptive to change. This work has changed the way I see the world, the spirit world, and our place in between as spiritual beings.

I have come to the conclusion, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the spirit realm is not far from us. We think about heaven as if it’s light years away, far beyond our Universe and beyond that. But, it’s not. It’s right here. Within us. We can connect with the spirit realm by tuning in - within.

Although this may feel like I'm talking about religion, it's not about your personal religious beliefs. The spirit aspect of our mind-body-spirit makes us who we are. It's the only part of ourself that's unique. Our minds work the same way as everyone elses. Our bodies have the same structure and mechanics.

As spiritual beings we're connected to the spirit realm. We are having a life experience on Earth. Sometimes it feels like were doing actual time. It’s tough here! There’s so much violence, hatred, and ugliness. Darkness has always been here and always will be. Not only that, but we have ourselves to contend with. Part of our mission, here on Earth, is to remain steadfast in love; for ourselves and everyone. 

It’s the meditation practice that brought me where I am today. I have ways to go of course, but at one point during a session, and I don’t know why, I just held the patients feet. It was here that I began to feel a subtle flow of energy, a distinct force, that I knew meant something.   

It was a combination of things; a Brian Weiss seminar, reading Rebecca Rosen's, Spirited, that allowed me to realize I could tune up my own frequency to connect with higher realm. Slowly, I began practicing through my own meditation.

Eventually, I began tuning in for patients and trusting what I was seeing. It became official for me with one particular client. An open minded male patient in my office for hip pain and nothing else. At one point he was talking about his sister who was into “crazy” stuff and how he was ok with that. I offered to attempt a "crazy" spirit reading for him. I’ve never really known what else to call it. He was open to it, and the session was deeply moving for him and myself. 

Not only was hip pain a source of discomfort for him, but he was unsettled with his place in life. This session reassured him he was in the right place at the right time. His position was part of a pact made with his Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather. They were very proud of him for carrying on as "planned". It was clear that he was a good man, and contributed to the liveliehood of his employees. His Grandfather brought up that getting sick in College was because he was going down the wrong path. He was straying from this pact and needed to get back on course. For my client, this sickness was a turning point in his college career.

Other times, the reading is about someone's lost loved one. It’s almost as if that spirit has gently pushed them to see me. These readings are very clear and come with lots of information that only they could know. Sometimes it’s trivial but undoubtedly come from spirit! 

For a grieving widow, I saw a broken dishwasher, broken fence, and car problems. Her loving husband wanted her to hire help since he wasn't there to fix things. I saw a blue convertible that she just saw on the road and thought to herself, "I want one of those". He was supporting her on this and wanted to see her have fun. To enjoy her life. 

He showed me the simple pleasures here on earth. Reminding me again, that it's the small things that matter. Shooting hoops, barbecuing, listening to music, it's those easy going moments. Readings like this one are deeply satisfying and assist in the letting go and healing process of grief. The best part, is the deep knowing that they are not GONE and WILL reunite. 

I can feel that spirit wants to get their message across. Often times, they are sorry. So sorry they didn’t realize what they had here on Earth. They were too caught up in themselves to realize the beautiful spirit of their kin. They are so deeply sorry that is has moved me to tears. When their loved one receives the message, the spirit is relieved. You can feel it so. They are grateful for the connection. Some clients continue to come for acupuncture/ readings after this, but their lost loved one doesn’t come through over and over again. I assume once they’re message is received they can move on to do their spiritual work. 

When I’m not connecting with lost loved ones, I ask divine healing spirits to allow me to receive or channel any information for the patient’s highest good. Then I let go and listen.

Sometimes the information is an intuitive feeling. I always know it’s not from me when it comes to me instantly. Like “don’t hold back what you need to say”, “you are loved”, or “work on forgiveness”. Even though these messages feel like common sense, they have impact if that’s what the patient needs to hear or do. 

Some times there are symbols or metaphors that have meaning for the patient. Animals like elephants can represent high level of spirituality and connection. A pigeon once reminded a patient that her community would be there for her as she had just served her husband divorce papers. Initially, she was afraid of what people would think.

It’s not my job to judge what I’m seeing, I do my best to remain open and allow for spirit to communicate. It’s not so easy for them either. The "seeing" looks like a visualization or a memory. The things that come to light seem very spontaneous. They just appear.

The ancient practice of acupuncture lends itself to spirit reading. How do you think the ancient scientists knew about the channels, points, and connection to the Universe? I believe they received the information. There were less distractions 3,000 years ago. Now, we have a lot more to weed through, yet, we're still the same as they were 3,000 years ago. We are still mind-body-spirit. We still possess the ability to tune in and receive from the spirit realm.

Many of my clients come to me because they hit a rock bottom point and feel incredibly stuck or overwhelmed. They’re ready and willing to go on a soul searching journey to push past their own walls, give themselves permission to meet their full capacity, and begin the active process of healing. It's not easy, but the challenge is worth it in the end. Things flow better in the Universe when you're unstuck. 

Here’s the bottom line…I’m not anymore “gifted” than you are. You can do this too! You can connect with the spirit realm. Not only to help others, but to receive your own messages that provide comfort and guidance for your life here on Earth. Life is hard, and it’s ok to need comfort and support.  

I never in a million years, thought this would be my mission. To spread the word about spirit connection through the healing process, but it is. I'd love to know what you think. Are you interested in hearing more. Do you connect as well? Let me know in the comments or message me. 

In Love and Light,





Your senses can help improve everything you do.


We all understand meditation can help us be more mindful of the present moment. If we're in the moment then we're not in the past or future. Both, unreal places. So deep, I know, but it's true. Too often we forget and fall into auto-pilot mode. 

When I think of this mode I can't help but think of zombies. Do you think the zombie trend is a metaphor for our lack of mindfulness? 

These days I'm loving the idea of using our senses as the object of meditation. The exercise I'm describing below is an active sitting meditation, but really you can apply this technique anytime, anywhere. Whether you're watching your kids be cute, playing golf, walking, doing dishes, etc...It will help you be more present.

Try this:

Sit comfortable with your legs crossed or flat on the floor. You want your hips to be higher then your legs if possible. Your back and neck are straight but soft. Relax your body, releasing tension from your toes to head. Breathe softly and smoothly. Connect with your breath gently eventhough it won't be your main focus. 


Open your eyes and gaze softly 4-6 feet in front of you. Just notice the spot. Don't analyze it. Don't judge it. Let your eyes rest on this place. Just notice what you're seeing.

Continue to do this with your eyes gazing down at your umbilicus area. Just notice that place. Again, no judgement.

Finally, bring your eyes to the bridge of your nose. Don't strain, just look.

When you realize you're thinking, gently go back to seeing.


Listen to the sounds that are distant, the near distance, and the sounds that are close. Hear your heartbeat. Allow whatever you hear to deepen your relaxed state. Just listen. Don't judge or analyse the sounds. just take them in with your awareness. Let all the sounds - even the sound of silence allow you to be still. 


Feel your feet on the floor. Really connect with the soles of your feet rooted into the ground. Feel your legs against your chair. Feel the back expanding into the seat behind you as you inhale. Feel your hands on your legs. Feel the air around your hands. Notice if you feel your pulse. If you connect with your pulse, can you feel it in your chest? Notice the air around your face. Simply notice.


Light some incsense if you like it. Or, you can open a bottle of essential oil and slowly move the oil back and forth under your nose. Notice the scent. Again, don't judge. Notice the brightness, or heaviness. Is it deep or light. Is it fresh, crisp, or rich? Just be present in the act of smelling. How long does the scent last? Does it bring anything up for you? Any feelings, memories, or visuals? Notice those but don't grasp onto them.


Taste something simple. Chocolate is perfect because you can mindfully taste without chewing. Simply be aware of the taste without judging if you like it or not. Don't focus on texture or the way it feels. Just concentrate on how it tastes. 

Some of you may find that this it's almost easier to get into a relaxed meditative state using your sense as the object of meditation. Great! Use it all the time. Or use it to help you begin then move onto your breath or an emotion, or visuaization. Whatever works!

I'm excited because I'm using this technique for my tennis game. Please don't hesitate to share your experiences. Have you noticed this helps you to connect with the moment?In what way?